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Green Light New York connects the New York real estate community to energy and lighting efficiency solutions through technology demonstration, education, and research.

Our classes, symposia, and exhibits gather the highly diverse communities of design, construction and real estate to focus on technologies, systems or processes that reduce energy use while improving the quality of the built environment . We identify promising technology, navigate barriers to adoption, introduce potential partners, broker relationships, and connect legal requirements and best practices to funding.

The heart of Green Light New York is our energy and lighting efficiency resource center in Manhattan, a physical venue for education and training, interactive mock-ups and displays, and a forum for progressive discourse. The first phase of the resource center will be open Spring 2014, with an active capital campaign to realize the completion of the facility.


A small facility with big aspirations. The following facilities are will be available Spring 2014 for use by our partners and other organizations that would like to join the conversation about how we can dramatically reduce the environmental footprint of our communities.

Current Amenities
- Training room: AV systems in place, seats 40-45
- Conference Room: AV + Telcon in place, seats 20
- Lighting efficiency exhibit
- Demonstration spaces: Three 750 Sq. ft. historic rooms, minimal infrastructure

To inquire about partnership with Green Light New York or the use of any of these facilities please contact us at


Green Light New York is driving an ambitious capital campaign to realize the completion of the resource center- destined to become a primary hub of activity for everyone involved in energy efficiency in the built environment. This first of it’s kind facility will include the following amenities:

Training room
The classroom of the future for 75 people
Demonstration Spaces
Two spaces to mock-up solutions and demonstrate effectiveness
The Innovation Gateway
Connecting clean tech research to the real estate industry
Lighting & Energy Exhibits
Permanent exhibits on high quality, smart lighting and energy efficiency
Daylighting Lab & Heliodon
Tools to enable the use of a free resource, the sun
Illumination Bar
Experts connecting you to technology, finance and services

For more information about supporting the creation of the resource center please contact


Green Light New York delivers technical training targeted to working professionals as well as general education for broad audiences of real estate stakeholders and decision makers. General education events include a strong networking component. All of our events provide continued education credits.

To register for upcoming events, please visit our Eventbrite page.

Research & Media

Let There Be Daylight advocates for advanced daylighting systems to become a standard feature of New York City office spaces. Our analysis finds that 114 million square feet of NYC office space can easily accommodate the retrofitting of comprehensive daylighting controls and achieve electric peak demand reduction of as much as 160 megawatts, and 340 gigawatt hours of electricity savings. Deployment of daylighting systems is an opportunity for New York City building owners and tenants to benefit from $70 million in energy cost savings each year.

Visit our Vimeo page for video of previous presentations.


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